SMT - Applications

SMT2® is formulated for use in all iron and steel (Fe) and combination of Fe-metals and other metal friction environments that involve:

  • Elevated temperature
  • High loads
  • Extreme pressure
  • High sliding speed and pressure
  • Lack of lubrication 

SMT2 applications

  • Automotive - motor vehicles, motor sport, 4 wheel drives, campervans, heavy duty truck motors, standard transmissions, differentials, hubs, wheel bearings, automatic transmissions and power steering
  • Heavy Industrial and Manufacturing - mining, oil refining / drilling, paper making, steel mills, wind farms, plastic pipe extrusion etc.
  • Drills - taps, saws, milling cutters, and all machine cutting tools
  • Forestry - chainsaws, chain and bar and 2-stroke fuel
  • Pre-assembly lube (SMT2 contains no metals that can confuse oil analysis readings and affords greater protection to new metal surfaces)
  • Printing presses and bindery equipment.
  • Food industry – processing transmissions and equipment Commercial Marine - including diesel engines, transmissions, gear boxes, wrenches, and all friction applications
  • Weapons - shotguns, rifles, handguns and pistols
  • CNC coolants (controls and kills bacteria, fungus and mould)
  • Railroads - including diesel engine oil, transmissions, gear boxes, wheel bearings, and track
  • HVAC pumps

Will the use of SMT2 void warranties?

SMT2® meets or exceeds all OEM lubrication standards because it does NOT affect the pH of any fluid into which it is introduced. SMT2® is a pure concentrate metal treatment only.

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